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Are you looking for The WINDS?

Perhaps you clicked on a link that brought you to this page, or tried to access The WINDS from a bookmark. Perhaps you are an old acquaintance of ours, checking our site for a new article.

The WINDS is no longer available here. We know that the time has come to shift our emphasis, once and for all. Many changes are happening in our world, and much of what was reported on The WINDS is old news now.

Our work on The WINDS was done to expose the hypocrisy of this age — especially the false illusion of liberty, human rights, and religious freedom that many extol in the West and the United States in particular. It was not our purpose to align ourselves with any particular group or movement, but to reveal the Big Lie for what it is, and how all factions, Left or Right, East or West, believe in it. The nations cannot help but view their world through these glasses put astride their noses. Everyone wants to be king, when the king should be the Truth, the Way, and the Life.

Our biggest converts were ourselves, those writing for and supporting The WINDS, and as the work progressed from 1996 until recently, we saw ourselves freed from our former allegiances and world views, and the deceptions presented by the information media. Naturally, if you leave one world, you enter into the next, and it is this new place that is the focus of our attention. We have been made to see a light dawning.

As the world enters into its final convulsion, and the great city Babylon is divided against itself in this war against terrorists, Zionists, and other “evil doers”, we wish to avoid the appearance of supporting one evil cause against another evil cause. Although the political goals, tongues, and nationalities may be on opposing sides, all those who bomb and kill in the name of their righteous cause are, in reality, motivated by the same spirit of evil, and serve the same evil agenda. Therefore, we feel the time is ripe to withdraw our news and commentary on the various wars and intrigues of the past few years. We are finished.

Our current internet work is in the Strong City, a web site that describes the earth-shattering events of the past two years that have ushered in the coming of Messiah and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. If one takes the time to read through the material there, he or she may well discover many of the mysteries connected with the second coming of Christ, and the long-awaited deliverance of God's people. Strong City describes how these events are happening right now.

The earth is now entering its “time of trouble”, and the children of God are entering theirs as well, before their final deliverance. Our present internet work is not to make anyone change their views, because we feel it is too late for that. The nations love and caress the lies and inconsistencies that are so prevalent today. We are also aware that many of the concepts presented by us on Strong City are revolutionary, and even more shocking and confrontive than the articles on The WINDS. This is how the message of Jesus Christ seemed to the establishment of His day.

But if you are among the few souls who are are truly yearning for the deliverance from this world which was promised centuries ago, we invite you to come and partake.