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Truth Seeker Insightful analysis of the latest news.
What Really Happened An excellent website providing uncensored news about those behind current events.  Caution: the webmaster for this site is apparently an atheist.  His editorial perspective on some issues is consequently clouded by his erroneous belief that there is no God.
News With Views Shattering illusion with reality.
Cloak and Dagger Unveiling the the truth behind the propaganda.
American Free Press Exposing the lies of government.
Global Research Behind the headlines. Analysis, commentary, and intelligence on the war agenda and the New World Order.
Information Clearing House News that you won't find on FOX, CNN, NBC, or any of the other controlled media outlets.
Infowars Informative site containing some revealing evidence exposing parts of the world conspiracy.


Psyops News Email Response

This is the actual 10-27-02 email response from Psyops News to an inquiry to Psyops News about what happened to their website.  They were the publishers of the two web pages "Split Second Error" and "The Blockbuster" that exposed the conspiracy behind the 9-11 WTC attacks.  They were getting huge amounts of web traffic, and then suddenly their website disappeared.  Obviously, those responsible for 9-11 got to them.
The Winds

Balaams Ass

We wrestle not against flesh and blood.  The spiritual battle is real.  Websites are dropping like flies.  Formerly strong Christian websites that exposed the antichrist conspiracy of Rome and Talmudic Jewry are now clamming up on that issue.  To the left are just two examples.   Click on the links at left and read the sad truth for yourselves. was one of the strongest websites on the internet exposing the errors of Rome.  Now they address such hard hitting Christian issues as "Coffee and the Advantage of the Lovely Brew" and "Biscuits and Sorghum Molasses."  This is the explanation given on the website for the retreat: " NOTICE: ALL CONTROVERSY HAS BEEN DROPPED OR MODIFIED TO GET US OFF OF THE BULL'S EYE WITH REGARD TO THE HATE CRIMES ACT."  As the pressure mounts more of the the weak kneed fair weather "Christians" will find it expedient to just keep quiet. has shut down, but the webmaster, Steve Van Nattan, has since renewed his exposure of the errors of Rome on his new website:  However, Van Nattan puts the following condition on those who wish to order his CD, which contains vital information for Catholics on the evils and errors of the Catholic Church: "We only send this CD to people who can take strong meat. You must prove to me that you will not attack us and use Homeland Security, or the courts, to punish us if the CD content offends you."  People cannot order the CD over the internet. Instead Van Nattan requires that all persons ordering his CD mail him a photocopy of their driverís license, national ID, military ID, or the front page of their passport that contains their photo and name. They must mail to him that information with their payment along with a signed statement waiving prosecution under the "United Nations Genocide Treaty, the US Hate Crimes Act, or any local, Islamic Sharia, or state law."  In apparent retaliation against Edward Hendrie for having previously exposed's  retreat from the spiritual battle against the Roman Catholic Church, Van Nattan, has resorted to name calling.  He has posted a false ad hominem attack against Edward Hendrie on his website, calling him a Jew hater and other defamatory epithets. Read Edward Hendrie's response to the libelous epithets of Van Nattan.


The U.S. Congress only has those powers specifically delegated to it in the Constitution.  U.S. CONST. AMEND. X. Under the Constitution the Congress has the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof.  U.S. CONST. ART. I, Sec. 8, Cl. 5.  No state shall make anything but gold or silver a tender in payment of debts. U.S. CONST. ART. I, Sec. 10, Cl. 1.  The federal government does not have the authority to print money, because it has not been granted that authority in the Constitution.  Congress has unconstitutionally authorized the federal government to print money.  The U.S. Supreme Court approved of that usurpation by redefining the word "coin" to include "print."  It gets worse, Congress has also has authorized the government to unconstitutionally give away that money to the Federal Reserve.  It sounds strange, but it is true.  The government prints money for the Federal Reserve and then gives it to them; the Federal Reserve only pays for the paper and ink.  The Federal Reserve is a private corporation.  Federal Reserve Notes are unconstitutional money.  Not only does the government give away the money to the Federal Reserve, the government borrows that same money back again from the Federal Reserve.  After these sham transactions, the Federal Reserve ends up with billions of dollars in secured interest bearing treasury notes.  The interest on those notes is paid by the U.S. taxpayer.  The government ends up with unsecured non-interest bearing Federal Reserve notes, that it puts into circulation.  A bearer note is a promise to pay something of value, usually gold or silver, to the bearer upon the demand of the bearer.  The Federal Reserve notes purport to be bearer notes, but the promise to pay has been removed from them.  Paper which appears to be a note and purports itself to be a note, but under which there is no obligation to pay, is a counterfeit note.  Federal Reserve Notes are counterfeit notes.  By law, one must accept Federal Reserve notes as legal tender.  However, if a different currency is offered in payment, there is no law that prohibits anyone from accepting that other currency.  In fact, every U.S. Citizen has First and Ninth Amendment rights to accept any other currency they wish.  Furthermore, there is no law against a currency that is a legitimate promise to pay gold or silver.  Such gold and silver backed notes would not be counterfeit, they would be real money.  Now you can get a currency that is backed by gold and silver and is legal to use as money. The Liberty Dollar is lawful real money that you can use in place of the counterfeit money from the Federal Reserve.  The difference is that the Liberty Dollar will not loose its value through inflation, because it is backed by gold and silver.  You can do your part to protect your family and take back our country from the evil grip of the minions behind the Federal Reserve.  Inflation Proof Money is now available at a discount from NORFED. (Shut Down by U.S. Govt.)


This web site has links to other sites that contain valuable reference material, much of which  has been suppressed from the general public.   The presence of a link to another site, however, does not necessarily mean that the author of Antichrist Conspiracy agrees with every doctrinal or political statement made therein.   Even though the author  may disagree with some of the doctrinal or political statements made in some of the other websites, he has provided links to those sites because they contain accurate information on other important points.   It is incumbent upon the reader to be as the noble Bereans, who searched the scriptures to determine the accuracy of any doctrine.  See Acts 17:11. The author, of course, stands behind the accuracy of the facts and doctrines contained in his ebook,  Antichrist Conspiracy.



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