The Gospel
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The Gospel



Read as Edward Hendrie Responds to Defamatory Epithets and in the Process Explains God's Predestination and Election of the Saints


Losing Rewards? This link authoritatively refutes the false doctrine that 2 Corinthians 5:10 means that God will assess the good and bad things a saved Christian has done during his life on earth and use that assessment at the judgment seat of Christ to take away rewards and blessings to which he would otherwise be entitled.  A PDF printable document is also available.
The Anti-Gospel Read Edward Hendries newest ebook:  The Anti-Gospel, The Strange Antichrist Doctrine of Free Will Being Preached in Apostate Churches Today.   The link at left is an HTML PDF version of the book.  The following link is an HTML version that allows you to read it online. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Read The Anti-Gospel online
Salvation by Grace This PDF article summarizes the Gospel of Christ.  If you wish to read this article online in HTML format click on this link: Salvation by Grace Through Faith.
Monergism Salvation by the grace of God alone.
Powered By Christ Exposing the pretribulation rapture and other religious myths.
Lazarus Unbound Sovereign grace website of Michael Bunker, exposing the influence of the Jesuits in formulating the false "free will" doctrine that has taken over the so-called mainline "Protestant" denominations.
Sovereign Grace Articles and links to the gospel of God's sovereign grace.
New Covenant Theology New covenant theology is simply the explaining the significance of the Old Testament in light of the New Testament.  It takes Jesus at his word, that he came to establish a new and better testament in his blood, thus doing away with the old covenant, which was signified by the blood of animals.  Unfortunately, some of the articles and resources found at the links use corrupted versions of the bible rather than the King James Version.
True Protestants The web site of Ian Paisley, a chosen lamb of Christ with the courage of a lion.
Gospel of the Kingdom An excellent book by Philip Mauro, explaining what is the kingdom of God and exposing the error of dispensationalism.  Mauro's book is provided on a preterist web site. There is some question regarding the accuracy of the preterist view.  Mauro's book, however, does not advocate the preterist interpretation of prophecy.  Mauro's book is more of a critique of dispensationalism.   His book could as easily support the historicist view. 
Euro. Amer. Evang. Crusade Pastor John Torell, presents the gospel of Christ and unmasks the dark forces working against Christ.
Free Will is Lawlessness An excellent article, that refutes the Arminian and Romanist error of "free will," which is rampant in churches today.
Trinity Foundation Lots of informative articles that explain the gospel, reveal the modern doctrinal errors, and expose the wolves working behind the scenes to undermine God's word.
Bible Prophecy This site presents the traditional historicist interpretation of the prophecies in the Bible.  It demonstrates the errors of preterism and dispensationalism and shows them to be the work of the devil in his effort to conceal the identity of the pope as the antichrist.
Scion of Zion Internet Ministry Lots of information on the Bible and Christian issues.  See the collection of verses which prove that salvation is by grace through the sovereign election of God.
C.H. Spurgeon Sermons The gospel of salvation by faith through grace preached by a servant of God.
Bible Theology Ministry Resource website on topical Christian issues.


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