The Israel of God
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Read as Edward Hendrie Responds to Defamatory Epithets and in the Process Explains Authoritatively From God's Word Who is the Israel of God


The Israel of God This PDF article explains who is the Israel of God.
The Hope of Israel An excellent book from Philip Mauro explaining the spiritual truths regarding the prophecies of Israel.  Mauro's book is provided on a preterist web site. There is some question regarding the accuracy of the preterist view.  Mauro's book, however, does not advocate the preterist interpretation of prophecy.  Mauro's book is more of a critique of dispensationalism.   His book could as easily support the historist view. 
History of Protestantism A history of Protestantism by Dr. J.A. Wylie, written in 1878.  PDF eBook is over 2,000 pages.


This web site has links to other sites that contain valuable reference material, much of which  has been suppressed from the general public.   The presence of a link to another site, however, does not necessarily mean that the author of Antichrist Conspiracy agrees with every doctrinal or political statement made therein.   Even though the author  may disagree with some of the doctrinal or political statements made in some of the other websites, he has provided links to those sites because they contain accurate information on other important points.   It is incumbent upon the reader to be as the noble Bereans, who searched the scriptures to determine the accuracy of any doctrine.  See Acts 17:11. The author, of course, stands behind the accuracy of the facts and doctrines contained in his ebook,  Antichrist Conspiracy.



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