Which Bible Is God's Word?
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Which Bible is God's Word?




Which Bible? Version! New revised article!  It now has 47 evidence packed pages!  Read the newly discovered evidence indicating that minions of the devil have subtly undermined the doctrine of the sovereign grace of God by simply changing the word "of" to "in" in key passages in the new bible versions! This PDF article exposes the dark forces that are promoting the spiritual poison of the new bible versions and explains which Bible is God's word.  If you wish to read this article online in HTML just click on this link: Which Bible Version is God's Word?
Bible 4 Free Need a Bible?  These Christians will send you a free KJV Holy Bible.
Online Bible Another excellent free Bible search software.
Audio Bible Listen to the King James Bible while online.
Defending the KJV Lots of information exposing the fraud behind the new bible versions and proving the King James Version is God's word in the English language.
The Corrupt RSV Philip Mauro examines the Revised Version and exposes its errors.

Perverted NASB    

Exposing the perversions in the NASB. 
Logsdon's Speech Read the speech by Frank Logsdon exposing the evil behind the NASB.  He was there from the beginning.  He helped lay the groundwork for the translation.  He wrote the format for the NASB.  He interviewed some of the translators during the selection process.  He sat with the translators as they translated the NASB.  He wrote the preface to the NASB.  However, after he was confronted with the corruptions in the NASB, he renounced all affiliation with that fraudulent book.


Daily Bible Passage

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